According to the statistics Lenovo is considered to be one of companies leading in producing PCs and other electronic machines all over world. At the present time many Lenovo computer owners come across the error 1962, which reports that no operating system was found. They wonder where it can come from.


This is a brief article on Marcus Hutchins arrest and accusation of Kronos Trojan creation. Here we will explain what is Kronos Trojan, who is MalwareTech and why was he accused.

This is a brief item about the latest news in ransomware family. We will tell you about the Kryptonite (Snake-game) ransomware that is currently in development.

This is a brief article on recent news in AV-software. We will explain you what is FakeAV.AUQD and is it dangerous.

Today we will talk about a new virus that penetrates the computers of users all around the world. It appeared few days ago and now is the most annoying malware of recent five years or even more. It is called Cancer and this name very well reflects the point of the virus.

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