EaseUS MAC Recovery review

Some days ago, we made article about EaseUS software that can help to restore information from the computers under Windows control: recovery from windows. Now, the developers present new version of their program that can recover files from MAC operation system. There is no so many software for data recovery from Macintosh, so every new one can be interesting to people no matter how experienced they are.



A little bit information

  • Country: China
  • Languages: English as international
  • Price: starts from $89.95
  • Trial: Has a free trial version
  • Compare with: MacOS 10.14 - OS X 10.6

To the happiness to MAC users, not so many virus makers were interested to infect their computer, but the situation was changed critically last three years, because many people prefer Macintosh operating system. The ways of attack with Windows computer are similar, of course, excepting, system vulnerabilities. For example, one of the most spread method to infect the computer by ransomware is spam e-mails. Unfortunately, if you click on virus file, the system may be corrupted and files encrypted. No one antivirus, even, the best one, cannot prevent all attacks. We told it one hundred times and do it again: please, make backups and file copies to external hard drives or using clouds technologies.

But what to do, if data was already lost no matter from virus or because of system failure? You have different variants:

  1. Go to tech lab in your city and ask them to do something. In most cases and if you are not very experienced, it's better way.
  2. Restore information from backups, if you have them. Do it after you are sure that all malware were removed from the computer.
  3. Use special recovery software.

EaseUS is one of the recovery program. It can recover lost or removed and corrupted files from computer hard drive, USB or SD cards, or other storage devices. Usage is pretty simple: download EaseUS MAC data recovery program from the website, install and launch.

Select disk or folder with loosing data and press 'Scan' button.

After the end of scanning, recoverable files will review. Check important ones ond click “Recover”. It's all program's functions. It is aimed only on file recovery. Not more not less.


Save recovered data to cloud.

Support to preview PDF files.

Search specified folder by name after scanning.

Scan HFS/HFS+ partition more quickly.

Recover .flac file with better quality.

Official website: EaseUS software.



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