Who is Marcus Hutchins AKA MalwareTech?

Few days ago the Internet was shaken by the news that famous virus researcher, known as MalwareTech, was arrested in Las Vegas. He was accused of creating, updating and maintaining the banking Trojan known as Kronos. MalwareTech’s accomplice whose name is currently unknown was responsible for advertisement and sales of the virus, while he personally took the tech part. The real name of MalwareTech is Marcus Hutchins, he’s 23 and he’s UK citizen. Currently he’s working in US IT company and was in Vegas for Def Con conference.

Markus is widely known in the Internet because of his most epic achievement: few months ago he was the one that found a killswitch for WanaCry ransomware and stopped its distribution. By doing this he, probably, saved thousands of computer users and tens of business owners around the world from great problems with ransomware. Malware researchers in many countries are keeping an eye on the situation, trying to figure out did Marcus really create Kronos or he’s wrongly accused of this. For now there are no clear and solid evidence of his guilt, so we’ll hope that Marcus is not guilty and will get out of this mess as soon as possible. Currently Marcus and his accomplice both are facing six charges that, in total, could cost them forty years in prison.

What is Kronos and how MalwareTech is linked to it?

So, what is Kronos virus and is it really dangerous? Unfortunately it is. Kronos is a banking Trojan which is one of the types of keylogger. It installs on user’s PC, penetrates the browser and waits until user will enter his banking details while purchasing something, or entering his Internet banking account. This software was first discovered in 2014 and its creators tried to sell it on Russian forums and in DarkNet. The virus was successfully sold at least one time, but probably, there were more cases that we don’t know about. MalwareTech once twitted about this virus, asking when he can download the sample of the virus.

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