Kryptonite - Snake Game ransomware

Some viruses are becoming widely known for their features, complexity of design, or an elaborate distribution pattern. Sometimes popularity is due to the devastating consequences of the action of the virus, or the use of any recognizable symbolism. Also sometimes it happens that users do not have the slightest idea about the virus, while virus researchers scream about it at every step. Today's situation is just like this: it's Kryptonite ransomware AKA Snake-game. This virus was detected on June 23, 2017, but the detected version was unviable and did not even start. We will tell you everything that we know about this virus right now, and whether it is worth it to be afraid.

There is no information about exactly which encryption algorithms Kryptonite uses, whether it uses a single C&C server, whether there is protection from deletion and penalties for attempting to remove the virus or decrypt files. It is also unknown which extension is assigned to the encrypted files, because the current version of the virus cannot perform encryption. The distribution method is unknown, but it is assumed that these will be standard methods, such as e-mail spam and Trojans. What do we know about this virus? Only the text of ransom note, the amount of ransom ($500) and the name of the file initiating the virus installation and launching the encryption are known reliably. This file is called Snake-game and clicking on it gives the user the opportunity to play an oldschool Snake game. During the game, the encryption will run, the progress of which can be seen on the command line.

In summary, the Kryptonite virus at the moment does not pose a threat to users. The virus is still being developed, and the beta version that was discovered appeared on the network only in order to test the ways of distribution. This virus is unlikely to become a major threat comparable to other known ransomware, such as Cerber or Locky. However, you should remember that any ransomware can cause problems by encrypting important files. We will update this article as new information about the virus is received, and in turn, if you see Snake-game on your computer or in messages on your mailbox - do not open it.

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