How to remove (uninstall) BrowserMe and Chrome_Font.exe

Advertising fraud is becoming more popular every day, and every day there are hundreds or even thousands of adware. For the most part, these programs are copies of each other, are inefficient, and can be simply removed from computer. However, today we will discuss the program, which is called BrowserMe, and which uses a completely new approach to advertising fraud.

This program is called BrowserMe, as the basic processes can also be called Chrome_Font.exe. Its main difference from the other advertising programs is that it shows ads without showing it. In fact, hackers have developed the strategy, according to which viruses should apply as little as possible harm to the users themselves.

BrowserMe gets on your computer via a malicious websites, which are scattered all over the internet. This virus is aimed at Google Chrome users, and if suchlike user visits a site, it displays unreadable text, and he is prompted to download new fonts for Google Chrome that should solve the problem. Naturally, the downloaded file is not a package of fonts, but the installation file of virus. After downloading the virus, the site becomes readable and the user believes that the problem is solved. Actually this is just the beginning of problems.

After penetration of the computer, the virus acts very secretly. Despite the fact that BrowserMe pursues the same objectives as any other adware, a way in which it achieves these goals is completely different. Ordinary advertising program infests the browser and a search on the Internet becomes absolutely ineffective and extremely uncomfortable. These actions rather quickly cause dissatisfaction of user, he tries to remove adware from his computer, and often succeeds. BrowserMe creators decided not to annoy users, and show advertising covertly. Hidden Google Chrome window also shows advertising, generating views and referrals, but the window is not visible to the user, and do not cause unnecessary suspicion. Because of this secrecy BrowserMe became so successful. In all other respects BrowserMe is like other similar programs: it just consumes the resources of your computer, making it slower and unstable.

If in the process of surfing the web you came across such schemes infection as the described above and if you see names like BrowserMe or Chrome_Font.exe - immediately leave the site and do not endorse any proposals.

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