What is Win.Trojan.Toa

Win.Trojan.Toa virus is actually not a virus at all. This “virus” popped up while scanning servers via ClamAV, and frightened some users, but now this error is fixed. The previous version of Clam AV detected Joomla and Wordpress latest updates as Trojans, and if user tried to remove them – he caused damage to his own websites. Win.Trojan.Toa-xxxxxxx-x is a default name of any virus, where “x” appears to be the virus signature number in Clam’s database. Many users reported about lots of false positive results of scanning vie Clam AV on Joomla and Wordpress forums, and now this bug is finally fixed.

If you still see Win.Trojan.Toa in scanning results – don’t hurry to remove all detected files. First, you should update Clam antivirus to its latest version, and re-upload the latest updates for Wordpress or Joomla (depending on what you’re using), and perform the scan again. We can also advise you to read the discussion of this problem on ubuntuforums.org forum.

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