This is a brief item about the latest news in ransomware family. We will tell you about the Kryptonite (Snake-game) ransomware that is currently in development.

Today we will talk about a new virus that penetrates the computers of users all around the world. It appeared few days ago and now is the most annoying malware of recent five years or even more. It is called Cancer and this name very well reflects the point of the virus.

This is a brief entry on EasyChrome browser extension. We will tell you everything about EasyChrome, how it can be detected and removed.

In this article we will talk about a new virus that displays ads, but the user does not see it. This is the new development in the field of advertising fraud - BrowserMe or Chrome_Font.exe program.

In this article we will tell you about a new ransomware, which infects users' computers worldwide. This virus is called Spora, and it presumably was designed by Russian hackers. We'll tell you how to remove the virus from your computer, and what to do with encrypted files.

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