This article is dedicated to Crypy Ransomware. Here we will explain what is Crypy Ransomware, what it does to your files and how to remove it from your PC.

What is Sysnetwk.exe virys and how to remove it

Sysnetwk.exe is a Trojan. In recent days the official updates from Microsoft have been infected many times, and Sysnetwk.exe is one of these cases. This virus is distributed with an official update of Windows OS, and is located on your system at C:\program data\Microsoft network\dsq network\sysnetwk.exe. If you experience any problems with this file, you can remove it from the system.

In fact, in its method of action, this program belongs to a class of browser hijackers. It penetrates your computer, builds itself into the browser, collects statistics on your requests and a list of visited sites and redirects them to third parties. In addition, the program distributes the advertisements and links that prevent users to surf the Internet. Such programs are not considered viruses because they do not take any overtly malicious actions in relation to the computer and the data stored on it. However, its method of penetration makes us think that it can be exactly counted among the Trojans. As is known, this type of viruses is famous for its multitasking, and even if on the surface there are harmless features that only can irritate the user, without causing harm - much more dangerous features may be lurking beneath them. Anyway, this virus needs to be removed from your computer, and we will tell you how to do it. It's sad to say, but even the most reputable anti-viruses won't help you with this issue, so you should get rid of it manually.

Step 1. Boot into Safe mode

Safe mode

Start -> Msconfig.exe

Safe mode. Step 1

On the tab Boot select Safe boot

Safe mode. Step 2

Step 2. Check Startup folder

Start -> Msconfig.exe ->Disable unknown programs in the Startup tab


Step 3. Check hosts file

Modify hosts file, that located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ .

Hosts file.Step 1

Open the file with Notepad and delete suspicious strings.

Hosts file.Step 2

It has to look like this:

Hosts file.Step 3

Step 4. Scan the system with antiviral scanner


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Step 5. Disable Safe mode

Start -> Msconfig.exe ->Disable Safe boot in the Boot tab

Deactivate Safe mode


If the above-written method didn't help - there is another one. Enter the Safe mode and go to

  • Start
  • Control Panel
  • Programs
  • Programs and components
  • Installed updates (the item on the left side of the screen)
  • Sort the updates by date and delete the latest one

Sooner or later Microsoft will fix this vulnerability, but untill it happen, it will be better to shut off the automatic update by Windows.

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