It seams that the computer is not infected by real virus, but hackers have an email base of many users that always contains some passwords. And that is really dangerous. The main recomendation is to change the all you password and to check the system to be sure there are no any viruses.


Step by step tutorial how to delete 12s4cfoNTzT68gSdxLjmSRT3qdvaqwDWNz virus from the computer. Instructions with real working removal methods!


Our article was created to assist users to uninstall Promored encrypting malware. On this page, we'll show you the very useful tips on Promored removal, in conjunction with knowledge on the decryption of spoiled data. You'll also find the basic hints on ransomware that might assist you to evade infection next time.


This article is about Blower @ ransomware which gets onto PC in all countries of the world, and encrypts their data. In this page you can find complete info about Blower @'s essence, and how to get rid of Blower @ from the laptop. Furthermore, we will explain how to recover the cyphered data and is it possible.


Unacev2.dll is a regular library of WinRaR archive. However, today a dangerous vulnerability permit hackers to attack user’s computer. In the article, we try to give you information about attack methods, possible removal ways of malware. And, of course, general advices to protect the system.


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