How to remove MEMZ trojan

Our item is devoted to the Trojan virus called MEMZ, the methods of infection, and the ways to defend your laptop from it. We have developed plain and safe advices that will help you to delete MEMZ, and all the effects of its doing.

MEMZ trojan virus

MEMZ was created in 2016 as a joke from talented German programmer Leurak who also created Bonzify malware. The joke was not very fun for virus victims, in case it was open for discussion in Gighub community. After little time, the new "clean version became available for studying on Virtual machines.


The main aim of the virus is to corrupt boot sector of Windows. If you see the warning, it means that the system is already infected:

MEMZ trojan virus

Except of the main effect, MEMZ virus shows random pop-up on the desktop, changes displays colors and cursor. It can start next programs: calculator, notepad, registry editor, WordPad and others. Different websites can be opened randomly including If you reboot the system, you will only see a cat from memes with rainbow.

MEMZ trojan virus

To remove MEMZ, follow the next steps..

1. Disable malicious processes, but not using Task manager.

Start command prompt: run cmd.exe in the Search field.

Put there next command: taskkill /f /im MEMZ.exe (or use other name of process, like it is in Task Manager)

2. Find boot dvd disk and restore system using it or use Windows repair standard tools.



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