How to remove Bitcoin Miner from MAC OS

Bitcoin Miner is a virus that used to make crypto-currency on victims computers. This article was made to assist you to eliminate it and reinforce the PC’s defense versus this way of tools in the future.

Bitcoin Miner

This asset is made to lend a hand to the users who try to delete Bitcoin Miner trojan virus from MAC. It's really dangerous, and it grows nastier every day it dwells on your device. It’s a rough application, and its mere aim is to use your machine resources to mine bitcoins.


What is Bitcoin Miner

Primarily, you need to understand how Bitcoin Miner walked into the PC, and through this – study the means of evading such dangers further down the road. There are lots of different approaches to infest the unprotected machine, yet the most effective of them is the affiliate installation. It lets hackers to distribute their hijackers with no risk of judgment since their victims accept the installation of a program, and the terms of its applying. There are lots of easy manners to protect the machine from this kind of threats, and now, we’ll describe the most effective ones.

  • Install only the utilities that you need. If you’re not certain about whether the utility is necessary or not – just search for info on the reputable websites.
  • Do not use the account with the admin rights in the OS. If you log into the account without the administrator rights – there'll be a notification displayed every time when the application installs, and information about it.
  • You're better not to download utilities from the suspicious sources.
  • Keep all your programs up to date, AV programs specifically.
  • Thoroughly teach everything which appears through the installation of any program.

Abovementioned advice is plain but practical. If you execute just one of them, you will have the significant effect. If you follow them all the results will be overwhelming. Now it's time to explain what is Bitcoin Miner.

First things first: Bitcoin Miner may be not alone. It's a malware that independently injures the system – it’s a simple advertising utility that hangs upon the customer and lets him to injure the computer. The life of each adware might be separated into two steps: the infestation process, and the action itself. The infection stage depends on the customer mostly: he tries to get some utility and, unfortunately, chooses the corrupted file. Afterwards, a user installs a tool, which requires several checkmarks. Commonly, no one reads the info placed in these windows, but in the adware’s T&C's you can see a plenty of secrets, safely hidden in a prominent place. Bitcoin Miner begins to operate instantly next to installation, researching the customer’s choices and attempting to satisfy them and give away as many ads as it can.

The second phase can endure from few hours to multiple days, and it is also backed up by the malware’s prey. You cannot use your computer as usual - it's very busy every time. This might go on for months, but we suppose that you're reading our article to stop it, and now we’ll teach you how to remove Bitcoin Miner completely and thoroughly.

How to remove Bitcoin Miner

Step 1. Uninstall unfamiliar programs

  • Click Applications in the Finder sidebar
  • Drag unwanted program to the Trash
  • Empty Trash

Step 2. Reset the browser

  • Start Safari browser
  • Display a menu of General Safari Settings
  • Reset Safari...
  • Press "Reset"

Step 3. Scan the system

As you understood by now, “Apple Security Trojan Warning” and the tool that shows it to you are not useful, and you should remove them. Such programs usually are being distributed via “bundled installation”, which means that if you have one advertising tool in the system – there should be others. According to this, we advise you to scan your system with a decent antiviral tool. We actually have one to offer you: it is called MAC Booster and it will help you to deal with all kinds of threats on the Internet, including the “Apple Security Trojan Warning” scam. The only thing you need to get rid of this scam is to follow the instructions that are given below. If you want to learn more about MAC Booster, or to download a trial version – click on the button below.

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