How to remove (uninstall) Fireball

Fireball is a malicious program that was recently discovered by researchers from Check Point team. This program is not a breakthrough in viral technologies and has no obvious advantages over other similar ones, but its achievements are impressive: at the moment Fireball has captured more than 250 million computers worldwide! This number is really impressive, and it becomes unclear how no one noticed such a large-scale infection, why do antivirus manufacturers not sound alarming and do not bring the new program to the list of the most dangerous Internet threats of the 21st century? The answer is simple: Fireball does not harm users. Usually, an access to a computer service or to a virus removal specialist occurs when the computer is literally swamped with all sorts of viruses and can hardly be turned on. Users try to ignore the signs of infection as long as the computer can run and perform the simplest tasks. Due to such indifference of users to the state of their computers Fireball was able to achieve such success.

What is Fireball

So, let's take a closer look, what is Fireball, who created it and what functions it performs? After short investigation, researchers from Check Point have found a company that is responsible for the distribution of Fireball. This is quite legal Chinese company called Rafotech and is engaged in browser games and various applications of web browsing, serving about 300 million users. How did it happen that an infection of this magnitude was discovered only now? The thing is that Fireball does not cause direct damage to the victim's computer, does not delete or modify files. The creators of the program use it solely to display ads, or rather, to manage numerous free applications from Rafotech. These applications are built into the user's browser and show him ads on all visited sites and also on the search page. They operate according to the standard scheme of browser hijackers:

  • Penetration into the system using bundled installation, spam or from malicious sites.
  • Change of the settings for the home page and the default search provider in the victim's browser.
  • Adding rows to the registry and changing the properties of the browser shortcut, so that the user can not change the browser settings and continues to receive spam even if the browser is reinstalled.

In fact, Fireball gets total control over the user's browser, and directs him to questionable or even frankly malicious sites, forces him to download unnecessary programs and also tracks his activity, storing data about visited sites and search queries. Such data is particularly valuable for any advertising company, and collecting them without the appropriate permission is illegal. Alas, even this is not the basis for a lawsuit in the direction of Rafotech, as all Fireball functions are prescribed in a user agreement which, as usual, is ignored by users during installation.

Now that you know what Fireball is, you just have to solve one question: do I have to delete it? Is the removal a program that displays ads worth installing an expensive antivirus or several minutes (or hours) of time for manual removal? Certainly it is worth it. First, we said that Fireball does not cause direct damage, but over time and with the increase in the number of useless and malicious programs, the system starts to work more slowly. Useful programs start to lag and close with critical errors. In addition, Fireball offers the user a lot of links, most of which are unreliable and lead to the download of unwanted software. And, finally, the biggest danger is the fact that Fireball can install programs on your computer and can theoretically perform the functions of a keylogger or spyware. We in no way say that representatives of Rafotech will go to illegal actions, but if their network will be hacked by someone, 250 million users will be in danger. The output can be only one: Fireball should be immediately removed from your computer.

Methods to remove Fireball

Theoretically, the removal of Fireball can be done manually, however, the program is fairly well protected and will actively resist removal. The only correct and 100% effective solution in this situation will be to enter Safe Mode and run a decent anti-virus program that quickly and qualitatively removes the Fireball from the system. For this purpose we propose to use one of the best antiviruses of the last generation - Spyhunter. This program will reliably protect your PC from viruses in the future, and, of course, cope with the removal of Fireball. If you are interested to try Spyhunter - just click on the link on step 3.

Step 1. Boot into Safe mode

Safe mode

Start -> Msconfig.exe

Safe mode. Step 1

On the tab Boot select Safe boot

Safe mode. Step 2

Step 2. Check Startup folder

Start -> Msconfig.exe ->Disable unknown programs in the Startup tab


Step 3. Scan the system with antiviral scanner


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Antivirus scanner

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Step 4. Disable Safe mode

Start -> Msconfig.exe ->Disable Safe boot in the Boot tab

Deactivate Safe mode

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