How to remove (uninstall) Cuptony

This article is devoted to an undesired program called Cuptony and methods to eliminate it. If you see lots of advertising on each website, and the performance of your PC has suddenly diminished - this entry will explain you what advertising tools are, identify the current issue and clean the computer of malicious software.

Adware includes a very long list of miscellaneous types, but the most popular of them are browser toolbars, adware and redirects. These utilities weren't useful from the first days, so their target is to receive money by tricking people. Internet-criminals try very hard to urge customers that these programs are helpful: they create extensive descriptions and promise incredible usability and benefit. What do these utilities actually do?

  • Typical adware is famous for the endless spam with different pop-ups, banners and ads. Such programs can be disguised as anything: media players, system cleaners, driver updaters, tools for finding news and funny stories and even more. Advertising shows up as pop-ups, separate blocks in the browser or links.
  • Browser hijackers do not generate advertising on well-known web-pages. Instead of advertising they redirect their victims to the suspicious websites. This software helps the unfair website owners to create traffic and lowers the protection level of user's PC.
  • Browser toolbars show ads too, but less actively than other two types of adware. Also they pick info about user's search queries and viewed web-pages, which are then sent on to scammers for further resale. Suchlike info can be used against the user or passed to third parties for a decent price.

Every of above written types of adware uses particular techniques to infect the PC and to work inside of it. Despite the difference in methods, they have one fact in common: they were from the very beginning developed for scam and deception. Aside from apparent nuisance, such as the flood of irritating propositions, there is another feature of Cuptony and it is the abnormal decrease of system's security.


So, you know what purposes are targeted by adware and, it's time to learn how to find malware and remove it. The first and the most dangerous sign of infection is the advertising overflow. Mark #2 is the emergence of suspicious tools on your computer that you haven’t installed. Such things can happen if victim passes the link to direct loading of the malicious file. In this case, you may not even understand how malicious program enters your workstation.

The sign #2 is a hard slowdown of the PC, and an growth in the boot time of the system. We should say that these problems frequently arise for other roots, not related to advertising utilities. The ground for this lag is that in contradistinction to ordinary software, adware acts all the time, displaying banners and redirecting victim to viral web-pages. It means that virus is running at PC's boot and turning off only with the whole PC. When there are too many advertising programs on the machine, their contemporaneous functioning overburdens the system, and demands so much resources that good tools just cannot work. When the computer is in this condition, it starts to suffer from critical errors of various programs, lags and trouble turn-offs. If you notice any of these signs - you should check the PC with a high anti-virus or eliminate all adware by hand.

Methods to remove Cuptony

If you understand that your PC is at risk and want to browse the Web freely, you should completely eliminate Cuptony. The only way out is to uninstall Cuptony and then accurately check the PC for viruses. The deletion can be performed manually, but this way may require considerable time and may be not successful. The point is that various advertising programs prefer different techniques to protect themselves from elimination. Adware keeps backups in different folders on hard drive, hide their main folders, set pending tasks for reinstalling after deletion etc. If you are not expert enough in uninstalling of viruses, the possibility of failure and following complications is extremely high. The plainest and the most effective method to eliminate malware is to download Spyhunter AV-tool. This software is able to fast and accurately get rid of any viruses from the PC, but also shield it from threats in after years. Spyhunter can boast of many advantages, among which are high speed of scanning and deletion, 24/7 tech-support, modest price, compatibility with other AV programs and daily updating of the signature database. If you are interested, and want to purchase Spyhunter, or get the free version - click on the link under this paragraph.

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Instructions for manual deletion

Step 1. Boot into Safe mode

Safe mode

Start -> Msconfig.exe

Safe mode. Step 1

On the tab Boot select Safe boot

Safe mode. Step 2

Step 2. Check Startup folder

Start -> Msconfig.exe ->Disable unknown programs in the Startup tab


Step 3. Check hosts file

Modify hosts file, that located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ .

Hosts file.Step 1

Open the file with Notepad and delete suspicious strings.

Hosts file.Step 2

It has to look like this:

Hosts file.Step 3

Step 4. Disable Safe mode

Start -> Msconfig.exe ->Disable Safe boot in the Boot tab

Deactivate Safe mode

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