How to remove (uninstall) Hotcine

Hotcine is an advertising program, and it belongs to the most sticky and harmful type of them. It has all functions that usual adware does: it shows ads in form of pop-ups, banners and links on all website, in the search engine and on the desktop. Also it can steal your statistical information and sell it to third parties, and the most important feature: its actions weaken the defense of your system. When computer is infected with adware, user sees too much ads and some of them are getting clicked, redirecting user to untrusted websites. Many of the malicious websites are starting the download of the malicious software right when the user visits the website, so the possibility of infection increases few times higher than usual. This leads to the fast clogging of the system by another adware and malicious programs. Actually, if Hotcine had gotten into your system, than your antiviral tool is pretty weak, or you just don’t use it and literally expose your PC to all viruses in the web. If the things will go on by this scenario, your PC might hold on for another few months and then you'll need to reinstall Windows. If you don’t like this - you better clean your PC from Hotcine right now.

Some of the users don't believe that Hotcine isn't harmful by itself. Hotcine isn't a virus, because it does not meddle with the functioning of programs, it doesn't destroy information and doesn't deal direct harm to the system. The functions of adware are innocuous, but it permits customer to damage his machine as much as he is able to. Showing ads, promotional program generates a flow of visitors to determined sites and makes money for its makers. Advertisement and boosting services, given by adware, are low-cost, and attract thousands of website owners. This system is very hard to break and adware will do its job until all customers will experience some troubles with hijackers or adware, and cease to install these types of programs.

If Hotcine succeeded to break your system's shield, it will, in short begin to generate ads. The massive stream of advertising begins to take over browser and desktop, making web-surfing definitely impossible. Once you get used to the advertisement, hijacker starts to act even more aggressive, hiding the whole web-pages. Any interaction with the ad unit can call the viral infection. In the case of the hijackers man also suffers from continuous redirections to undesired websites. You can get rid of ads only by removing adware from your system immediately.

There are other features which distinguish Hotcine adware from the other ones. First of all it is very difficult to remove because of multiple backups that are stored in different folders. Except that, Hotcine sets the scheduled task on its own reinstalling after the removal. To get rid of this software you will need to perform all process in Safe Mode and use the removal software to completely clean the system of all Hotcine’s remains.

Removal instruction

Step 1. Boot into Safe mode

Safe mode

Start -> Msconfig.exe

Safe mode. Step 1

On the tab Boot select Safe boot

Safe mode. Step 2

Step 2. Check Startup folder

Start -> Msconfig.exe ->Disable unknown programs in the Startup tab


Step 3. Check hosts file

Modify hosts file, that located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ .

Hosts file.Step 1

Open the file with Notepad and delete suspicious strings.

Hosts file.Step 2

It has to look like this:

Hosts file.Step 3

Step 4. Scan the system with antiviral scanner


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Step 5. Disable Safe mode

Start -> Msconfig.exe ->Disable Safe boot in the Boot tab

Deactivate Safe mode

How to protect the computer?

Although it is pretty easy to delete Hotcine, nobody could enjoy to perform that every day. It is not profitably for hackers to create complex malware, so they just make lots of low-quality programs instead of several really hazardous ones. This means that each user have to learn not only how to remove harmful programs, but in the first place, how to avoid them. Here's a list of hints that might assist each user to keep his system clean

  • All propositions in the Web that promise you great benefit must be taken skeptically. 80% of these propositions are harmless, designed to increase the rating of the web-page on which they are placed, but some of them lead to real fraud schemes that might cost you real money.
  • E-mails are very frequently used to distribute malware. If you do not recognize the person who sent the message - don't open it. The e-mail attachments should be only opened with use of "sandbox" software.
  • Every time you install something, you have to closely examine all windows for infection. User's nonchalance is the ground of hijacker's success. All annoying functions of advertising programs are described in the windows that you accustomed to pass. Most of these programs use a technique called "Partner setup" or "fast installation", which means that in addition to the useful tool you get 3-4 useless ones. You should refuse suchlike offers, because viruses use this manner of spreading very frequently.

These hints are very easy, but every one of them gives you a chance to avoid the infection by malicious software. Even if the implementation of the tips is causing you uneasiness - you should understand: they are the foundation of computer security. Let your system be safe and fast, and if you experienced some issues - simply notify us about it in the comments.

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