How to remove (uninstall) InterHop.exe

Nowadays Internet is filled with all kinds of unwanted and harmful programs, which we used to call viruses. This article is about one of them. InterHop.exe is the malicious process that was designed to protect other unwanted software from deletion. Many of our visitors have or ever had problems with adware and hijackers. They are pretty easy to remove, even without instructions or experience: you just clean the browser, remove the adware from Control panel and clean the registry. You reboot the PC and adware is here again. Does it look familiar to you? Some sorts of adware have the in-built services that are able to reinstall the program after it is being deleted, and some of them just use InterHop.exe for these purposes. It is actually a very stealthy and lightweight process that consumes a tiny amount of CPU resources, and has the only one task: to catch the moment when user removes adware, connect to the main website of that adware, and download the latest version. In most of cases it occurs after the reboot, because InterHop.exe is launching at startup.

Methods to remove InterHop.exe

The removal of InterHop.exe seems to be a pretty simple process, and sometimes it is so. The victims are reporting that InterHop.exe is placed in Program Files x86 folder on C drive, and can be manually removed from there. But there are also reports that on C drive there is no such folder, and the ads keep on reinstalling again and again. Anyway, the best method to remove InterHop.exe from your computer is to use the decent anti-malware program.

How to protect the computer?

Despite the fact that it's really easy to remove InterHop.exe, nobody could enjoy to perform that every day. It's not profitably for hackers to create complex viruses, so they are making hundreds of low-quality viruses instead of few really perilous ones. So, you must learn not just how to delete undesired programs, but in the first place, how to avoid them. Here are few tips that might assist every user to keep his computer clean

  • The installation of any software, and especially the free ones, should be attentively checked. User's credulity is the ground of adware's success. All annoying functions of advertising software are described in the windows which you accustomed to pass. Some adware use a method called "Partner setup" or "quick installation", which means that in addition to the needed program you get 2-3 others. Such manner of installation is completely harmful, because you can't be sure about the added software.
  • E-mails are very often used to spread malware. You should be wary of any e-mails which contain additional files, or which were sent from suspicious accounts.
  • Be careful with the offers to earn money on the Internet, and the unbelievably beneficial deals. Most of them are fake, created to increase the rating of the web-site on which they are placed, but the last 20% of them lead to real scam schemes that will make you experience the financial losses.

These hints are really easy, but every one of them gives you a chance to prevent the infection by viruses. Even if the implementation of the hints is causing you discomfort - you have to remember: it is much better to avoid contamination than to remove its consequences. Let your system be clean and safe, and if you encounter any difficulties - please comment this article.

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