Trojan Horse Generic38.ozm: where it came from and how to uninstall it

Few days ago we began to receive multiple complaints on the unknown Trojan, called Trojan Horse Generic38.ozm. It can be found during the anti-viral scanning of system, and its effects are the improper work of good, reputable programs and sudden reboots of computer. This trojan was discovered by users of AVG removal tools, and it was, possibly, brought on their PCs with the latest Windows update (KB3194496).

We still don’t know, is it some malfunction of the AVG removal tools, or the Windows update system was really hacked by someone to distribute Trojans, but there is one recipe to make your PC work properly. If you are the AVG user, you should find the Windows update KB3194496 in Control panel and uninstall it. After that you should temporary turn off the automatic Windows update system, until the problem will be solved.

What is trojan and is it dangerous?

Trojans are the most stealth and flexible viruses that could be used for many purposes, but none of those is good for the user. Trojans are used to distribute viruses, to spy on users and steal their personal information, passwords and so on. Some Trojans can even take control over your system and make its capacities work for the malicious purposes, or for hacker’s benefit. For example, for mining crypto-currencies, for spam or even for doing some kind of crime on the Internet under the guise of the hacked user. So, if you found the Trojan on your PC, you should remove it immediately, even if you don’t see any changes in your computer’s behavior, and it seems to be OK. Some people say that hackers create Trojans just for fun, to annoy users and to make them feel uncomfortable – but that’s not true. Such cases occur very rarely, and 99% of Trojans actually do something malicious.

If you have some information on this case, or if you’ve seen Trojan Horse Generic38.ozm on your PC, but you’re not the user of AVG programs – please contact with us by commenting this article.

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