In this article we'll tell you about new wersion of Locky ransomware virus, that assigns .shit extension to the encrypted files.

Few days ago we began to receive the messages about the new and extremely dangerous ransomware, named Odin, which very quickly became the most dangerous in recent weeks. To those users who are faced with this virus, we want to say that Odin is not a stand-alone program. One of the most dangerous viruses of recent years, Locky ransomware, often changes the extensions to be added to the encrypted files. First, extension of the encrypted files were .locky, then .zepto, and now - .odin. If you see the files with this extension on your PC, then it is infected with a dangerous ransomware, and you should take immediate steps to remove it.

Step by step tutorial how to delete Zepto ransomware virus!


Ransomware is a very dangerous type of viruses, which has become very common in recent years. These viruses cause serious damage to their victims, and bring huge profits for their creators. Crypz virus belongs to the most nasty ransomware mind - it is an encrypting virus. Crypz penetrates user’s PC in stealth mode, gets installed, and encrypts all the data on hard drive, except the program files. After encrypting, the program deletes the original files, and shows the user a message, which states that he needs to pay a certain sum of money to restore the files.

Today we would be talking about how to remove Locky Virus. This Locky File Encryption malware belongs to a group of viruses called ransomware and also crypto lockers. The aim of the article is to remove Locky virus.

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