The entry is dedicated to File Spider ransomware which gets onto users' computers in different countries of the world, and corrupts their data. Here we've assembled important info on Spider's essence, and how to delete virus from your system. Besides, we will explain how to get back the cyphered data, if possible.


That article is about ransomware called Lukitus and is actually a new version of Locky ransomware. In this page you will find important info on what is Lukitus, and how to delete Lukitus from the system. Furthermore, we'll explain how to get back the corrupted data and is it possible.


Today's article is dedicated to Fireball malware and the ways to remove it. We will tell you what is Fireball, where did it come from and who uses it.

This is an article on the most dangerous ransomware of recent months that is called WannaCrypt. This ransomware is also known as WannaCry, Wana Crypt and Wana Decryptor. We will provide you with safe and easy instructions on how to protect your system from this virus and how to remove it.

Guide how to delete Wanna Decryptor virus and decrypt files corrupted by ransomware. Effective antivirus and programs that can restore lost information.


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