The article is dedicated to Hese ransomware virus: we describe malware penetration method, possible removal ways and give you tips to restore files, if it is possible.


Among the abundance of viruses and malware, it often happens that the pest is masked by known everyday programs. At the same time, it is so well disguised that the differences from the original are minimal. So does the Chromium virus (also Chroomium or eFast browser), which in fact is one of such programs. As the name implies, the malicious program is masked by the well-known Chromium browser, copying almost all its appearance.

Step by step tutorial how to delete MEMZ virus from the computer. Instructions with real working removal methods!


A few days ago, very strange messages in e-mail were received from different addresses. They contain information that dangerous Trojan via Cisco router vulnerability CVE-2018-0296 infected your system. And now hackers want to get some Bitcoins to their wallet.


This page is about Infowait virus which gets onto PC around the world, and cyphers their files. In this page you will see full info about what is Infowait, and how to get rid of Infowait from the PC. Except that, we will teach you how to restore the encrypted files, if possible.


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