How to remove (uninstall) Search Page

In this entry we'll tell you all needed info about an advertising software that is called Search Page. If you have some experience with browser hijacker or adware - you might skip this part and go to the deletion instructions and delete Search Page. If you haven't faced with suchlike software earlier - trust us, this program really must not be kept in your system. We say this since this unwanted software not just provides troubles while you're surfing the Internet, but can induce a serious malware infection of your PC. Aren't you worried about the high amount of advertisement in browser, or the shifted homepage? Don't you think that it's strange that the pre-set search system is changed to the strange website, and it appears each time when you launch the browser? The red flags which are described above tell us one thing: the computer is infested with some kind of advertising program, and this software must be removed.

What is Search Page

Search Page

All tools have their purposes, and this adware isn't an exception. However, if you think that the description of Search Page is true is really helpful - you're wrong. Typically, the description of adware states that it is highly helpful. 90% of adware state that they will support in web-browsing. Search for discounts, deals and sales on the Internet, assistance in the finding of latest movies, music or games and performing some functions in social networks - that's the most common functions of advertising tools. The most important thing you have to do if you're about to install any software - to take thought, is it really useful? Don't you wonder why are all adware descriptions so blurred? The "better", "safer" or "faster" web-browsing is a pure sample of suchlike function, because these parameters are really vague and nearly impossible to supervise. According to this, advertising programs do not do anything, and just take up space on your hard drive? Not at all! They perform a highly important task, - to help hackers to earn from $1000 to $5000 a day from gullible users.


Novice users believe that almost all viruses are created just "for fun". It makes sense, yes? Web-scammer knows that out there somewhere is you, trying to delete his virus right now, and the feeling is really good! It's a joke, of course. The malware can't be useless, and even if the task is obscure - you'll know it later. It is hard to understand why adware shows so much pop-ups, but when you get it, the scheme appears pretty plain. All these ads are generated to obtain money on clicks. Simply stated, advertising services are paid based on the quantity of clicks done on the ad, or the number of clicks from pop-up to the site. Thus, the more ads advertising program is showing you, the bigger is the possibility that you will take an interest in it and click on the link. Even if you are not interested in any of the propositions - you will click on the link, to hide an unwanted intrusive ad. Every click is worth the money, based on the nature of ads it can count up to 5 cents and sometimes even more. Here we see that quantity beats quality, as swindlers make hundreds of low quality viruses that spam with annoying ads. Confiding man can decide that these ads are trustworthy, and try to find something worthwhile among these proposals, making hundreds of referrals daily. Anti-virus vendors and tech-support forums get tens of thousands of reports on Search Page, so hackers are doing pretty nice money on it.

Methods to remove Search Page

By the way, there is one more feature in Search Page that in the long term can bring huge problems with your computer. We talk about that Search Page can switch the settings of user's browser on purpose to advertise more efficiently that makes it very defenseless to all sorts of hazardous software. Advertising program changes the address of the home page and the pre search engine, and also disables features which are responsible for blocking of advertising and for prevention of suspicious downloads. Thus, when adware is in the system, the browser is highly assailable, and different malicious software can use it to enter the system, which is what happens if man begins to randomly click on malicious links provided by adware. Depending on the user's performance in the Web, the system can be heavily clogged in a few weeks or months, and eventually become so slow that it is nearly impossible to do anything. You have only one technique to hide advertising and protect your computer from adware danger - to remove Search Page.

Hackers use two principal methods of advertising tool spread: the placement on the hacked web-pages and bundled installation with free software. The first method may be simply avoided: you should only visit web-pages which are totally reliable, and are on the first positions in browser. Besides that, the browser and anti-virus software will show the notification, if the website is suspicious. To defend yourself from the penetration via the second method, you have to closely supervise the installation of all programs. Installation in bundles means that advertising software is integrated into installation packages of free programs. User installs some program and the pop-up window during installation emerges a suggestion to get some more programs. In many variants you just can't decline the installation, and in some - there's no sign of additional software. Most likely, all programs except the desired one will be meaningless or even dangerous. So, if you see the choice among “safe install” and “installation for expert users” – choose the second variant. Doing this you will be able to pick which software you wish to install and which you do not.

Search Page removal tool

The elimination of Search Page in manual mode requires approximately 5-10 minutes, and can be made even by a newbie. Notwithstanding the fact that hand elimination is very safe, it has some disadvantages, comparing to the software elimination via AV-tool. When you uninstall the hazardous program manually, you can't prevent it (or any other program) from entering the system again. If you use an AV-tool - it will grant you the security for a long time. We propose you to install a program called MAC Booster Lite which not only removes all adware from your machine but also protects it from all other dangerous software as long as MAC Booster Lite will remain in your system.

How to remove virus

Step 1.

The first step is to detect adware and uninstall it from your computer. When you go to the "Applications" menu, you will see a complete list of all the programs on your computer. You should inspect this list and remove all programs that you don't use, that were installed without your knowledge or that disturb you in any way. This will help you to get rid of many unwanted programs and viruses.

  • Click Applications in the Finder sidebar
  • Drag unwanted program to the Trash
  • Empty Trash

Step 2.

The second step is cleaning the browser. Most users notice that their computer is infected only because of browser issues. In most cases, browser application usfulness tends to zero, and if you do not use VPN or applications to block ads, then the application list should be empty. If there are applications in the list, and you do not know where they came from, they should be deleted. Browser applications are a usual form of adware and browser hijackers, so clearing the list you’ll make your web surfing more convenient.

  • Start Safari browser
  • Display a menu of General Safari Settings
  • Reset Safari...
  • Press "Reset"

Step 3.

The third and last step is the most important. Most malware nowadays has protection mechanisms that interfere with the deletion, or allow adware to recover. However, a good anti-virus program easily bypasses these mechanisms and removes malicious software once and for all. We suggest that you use MAC Booster Lite to clean up your MAC, as it will satisfy all your computer security needs and will easily cope with any infection. You can download MAC Booster or its trial version by clicking the link below.

Antivirus scanner for MAC

MAC Booster Lite advantages:

Full Security Protection

Deep System Cleanup

Excellent Performance Boost


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