How to remove (uninstall) Goac

Computer viruses are being developed every day, and various hackers cope with the development of anti-virus software and the users' growing knowledge of the computers in various ways. 5-10 years ago most adware and unwanted programs could be simply removed from the computer through the control panel, but now things are not so simple. Some malware developers decided to complicate their programs, improving them and teaching them to modify the shortcuts on the desktop or restore themselves after the removal. Gocloudy hijacker developers have gone the other way, and decided to keep the main part of the program out of user’s PC.

Gocloudy gets on users' computers in the same ways as other advertising programs, but after penetrating no software is installed on your computer. Viral file is just a simple script that changes the DNS settings and browser settings so that the user constantly opens hacker’s website in the browser. Whichever browser you will open on the infected machine - you see “” site, and from there you will be redirect to one of the thousands of unreliable pages. It makes no sense to give a list of addresses as they change every day, but one thing you should remember: none of the sites that open in your browser without your permission is credible. All of these sites are no more than a means of earning for fraudsters, and there you will find only low-quality goods, cheating, forgery and attempts to defraud you of money.


We wrote a detailed manual for removal instructions to help you cope with Gocloudy hijacker once and for all. If you want to achieve the desired result, keep in mind that you need to perform the instructions exactly.

Step 1. Check default network settings

1. Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Network and Internet.

2. Select Network and Sharing Center

3. Click Change Adapter Settings

4. Right-click your active internet connection and select Properties

5. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), and click Properties

6. Put tick near "Obtain an IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automatically"

7. Click Ok

Step 2. Reset the browser

Here are the articles that will help you to remove Gocloudy hijacker from all well-known browsers if problem reappears:

How to protect the computer after virus removal

Although it's really simple to eliminate Goac, no one could enjoy to do that every day. It's not profitably for web-scammers to make complex malware, so they just make lots of low-grade programs instead of few extremely hazardous ones. This means that you must know not just how to remove malicious programs, but in the first place, how to avoid them. Here's a list of hints which could help you to keep your PC clean

  • E-mails are very frequently used to send viruses. You have to be wary of all e-mails which contain additional files, or which were sent by suspicious senders.
  • Be cautious with the propositions to earn money in the Internet, and the extremely advantageous deals. The majority of them are harmless, made to increase the rating of the web-site of their developers, but the last 20% of them lead to actual fraud schemes that could make you experience the serious losses.
  • Every time you install some tool, you need to carefully check each appearing window. User's credulity is the reason of adware's success. All irritating features of adware are written in the windows that users got used to overlook. Most of adware use a technique called "Partner setup" or "fast installation", which means that in addition to the needed software you get a few others. You have to decline suchlike proposals, because malware use such manner of distribution very often.

These directions aren't hard to follow, but they all are giving you a chance to prevent the infection by malicious programs. Even if the implementation of the advices is making you feel inconvenient - you should understand: they are necessary to abide. Let your computer be fast and secure, and don't forget that we'll easily answer any question about the unwanted programs.

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