What is DNSHost.me and how it works

Recently a new browser hijacker appeared on the Internet, which redirects users to a site dnshost.me. Also there are many other sites in the list of referrals, here are some of them:

  • download.driversupport.com
  • aferesearchgroup.com
  • vowresearchgroup.com
  • carquoteforless.com
  • finderbird.com
  • iasrv.maha-media.com
  • rent-a-home.site
  • dateforyou.top
  • mantrasurvey.com
  • try.thebettertab.com
  • www.drawersurvey.com
  • isp.yourrewardsurveys.com
  • news-forever.xyz

Meanwhile, for convenience, we’ll call it DNSHost.me. According to descriptions of victims throughout the program is similar to an ordinary hijacker, except for some details. Firstly, there is a strange rotation of websites before the final load, though the program has not yet decided which site to direct the user. Most of the sites from the list really exist, but if you try to access them without the help of hijacker, simply by typing their addresses into your browser - you will see a completely blank pages, or other information instead of the one that is shown using hijacker.

At the moment we have no information about can any antivirus software deal with this threat or not, but if you check for updates in this article, we will let you know as soon as something changes. Stay in touch!

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