How to remove (uninstall) Imagine Prime

Instructions how to remove Imagine Prime from the computer and browsers: Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

Imagine Prime

What is Imagine Prime

Imagine Prime was created to distribute ads and has no other purpose else. Fraudsters deliver the ads until you start clicking them, and that’s their malignant design. They simply make you work for them, and you don't get anything in return. Many customers treat malicious utilities like it’s a lesser evil, but it’s not right! It’s bad to see a bunch of promotional links on each website, and it’s definitely not healthy to spend days fighting to remove all the links, instead of easily browsing the Web. If you follow us on this – keep reading, and we will tell you the Imagine Prime elimination ways.


How Imagine Prime Infects Your PC

Imagine Prime is simultaneously totally hazardous, time-consuming, annoying and useless. What's the ground for installing such a utility? The only option is – since he didn’t realize what he is installing. Even without a single useful feature, Imagine Prime manages its purposes thanks to having a skillful team of fraudsters, versed in psychological tricks, and they are well aware of how to make a victim do what they want. The only technique for Imagine Prime to penetrate a customer’s workstation lies in making him think that he is going to download a good utility. We're going to explain how that goes:

  • When a perilous tool is on the machine – there’s nothing stopping it from turning your Web-surfing into a horrible mess. Its first step is to show advertisement links everywhere, and the majority of them gets clicked since a customer tries to close them.
  • Hackers need people to believe that they're downloading Imagine Prime on their own accord. They secure it by placing Imagine Prime in a bundle with several other pieces of software, one of whose is comparatively helpful. In most cases, it's a pirated variant of an official program. If you want to get around this – just try to download only the popular programs.
  • It all comes down to two options when the package is downloaded. The victim either notices nothing and ignores all menus to install a bunch of adware or discovers a nasty fact that he can only get the whole bundle of useless software. Usually, a victim ends up with Imagine Prime installed. The most efficient method of eluding this is to read through everything that’s written in the dialogue windows popping up while you're installing any unpaid tool.

The aforementioned infection manner is also known as bundled installation, and it’s highly regarded by hackers all over the world. They make you allow a suspicious utility in manually, which makes them blameless. This method relieves scammers from any liabilities towards a user, as he downloaded adware of his own free will, and accepted its T&C.

How to defend your system from Imagine Prime

You can simply guard the laptop from any adware, yet it requires some effort. We know some hints suitable for everyone, which can help in making your OS efficient and healthy. The single issue is that you'll need to forget about some of your Internet-practices, the likes of installing cracked utilities, clicking everything you like, installing weird utilities, not having an active antivirus, etc. The basic advice will be to pay attention to the process of installation of every utility. Let’s see how it goes:

  • Such a trap is quite simple to evade – use an advanced algorithm, and pick just the utilities you want. If you're unable to de-select the boxes with other programs – you'd better reexamine your decision about installing any tool.
  • You should realize when it occurs, inspect a choice of suggested utilities, and mark only the good tools. Imagine Prime uses the words “safe installation” to make you download more adware. On the whole, the proposed installation technique means that you will get lots of malicious programs.
  • During the installation of any program, the installer invites you to pick some additional pieces, according to your needs. That’s when you install a licensed program. If we're talking about a suspicious program, you’ll see a suggestion to download several utilities which don't have any connection to the initial one, and sometimes they’re not useful at all.

How to remove Imagine Prime

Step 1. Check recently added applications

  • Click Applications in the Finder sidebar
  • Drag unwanted program to the Trash
  • Empty Trash

Step 2. Clean the browser


  • Start Safari browser
  • Display a menu of General Safari Settings
  • Reset Safari...
  • Press "Reset"

Google Chrome

Remove unfamiliar add-on:

  • Customize and Control Google Chrome
  • More Tools
  • Extensions
  • Remove add-on


Change homepage:

  • Customize and Control Google Chrome
  • Settings
  • Open a specific page or set of pages
  • Delete all specific pages


Mozilla Firefox

Delete suspicious extensions:


  • Open menu
  • Add-ons
  • Extensions
  • Remove add-on


Change homepage:

  • Open menu
  • Options
  • Home
  • Choose “Blank page” into Homepage and new windows


Opera browser

Disable strange add-ons:

  • Open Opera;
  • Customize and Control Opera;
  • Extensions;
  • Choose add-on and press button "Disable"

Change homepage:

  • Open Opera browser;
  • Customize and Control Opera;
  • Settings;
  • On Startup;
  • Open a specific page or set of pages;
  • Press button "Add a new page" and change Homepage to your favorite one.


Step 3. Scan the system

Scan the system with antimalware scanner to delete infected elements, if they stayed.

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Video how to reset browsers


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