How to remove Webhelper.dll and utorrentie.exe

The article's aim is to help you to remove webhelper and utorrentie advertisement and to stop pop-ups on computer desktop and in program's interface.


Webhelper is an indissoluble part of uTorrentie.exe file that response of the advertisement in torrent client. They work together in the system and to you need to remove both of them, because if you remove only one, the second can restore the first. We want to warn you that after your torrent program update, you will need to repeat these steps.


If you are tired of inconvenience by ads, just follow our brief instructions.


How to remove Webhelper

Webhelper.dll shows sponsored torrent offers on the desktop and in program interface. It starts together with torrent program. To disable it, fix advanced torrent settings and delete uTorrentie.exe.

  • Launch torrent client
  • Click Options
  • Preferences
  • Choose advanced
  • In the Field Filter type "offers.left_rail_offer_enabled"
  • Change the value of the string with name "offers.left_rail_offer_enabled" to false
  • Press Ok

How to remove Webhelper

How to remove uTorrentie.exe

We decided to add the both instructions including uTorrentie.exe. It's very easy and effective. If you have any troubles, just post comments to the article or to the video. We have the separate article about utorrentie.exe file, if you need it.



Method 1

  • Close uTorrent windows
  • Go to the uTorrent folder and find Updates folder. Create text file and name it uTorrentie.exe
  • Right-click on uTorrentie.exe file, select Properties, choose Security tab, allow Read only.
  • Put this file into the folder Torrent/Updates/3.5.1_1234 (you can have other numbers)
  • Launch uTorrent
  • There are no uTorrentie.exe process

Method 2

  • Boot the computer into Safe mode
  • Open uTorrent/Updates/3.5.1_1234
  • Delete uTorrentie.exe file
  • Create new document and rename it to uTorrentie.exe (It must be 0 bytes)
  • Make this file read-only
  • Disable Safe mode

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