How to remove (uninstall) Mac Auto Fixer

Mac Auto Fixer is security instrument hat promise to protect your MAC device from all threats in the world. From the official website:

Mac Auto Fixer is a terrific optimization and security tool for your Mac machine that lets you identify and clean all the junk files, infections and other threats by scanning your system.

For a low price around 25 $ it promise to make everything. But the problem is that not many users installed it voluntarily. Moreover, most of them do not want to see this optimizer on their computers and wish to destroy it. But why? Because of annoying pop-ups about dangerous viruses and numerous suggestions to buy it. Mac Auto Fixer slows computer, because it is impossible to system to function in normal mode when all resources is busy by optimizator.

Mac Auto Fixer

How program was installed without your permission

The main purpose of Mac Auto Fixer is to make you to purchase it. Nevertheless, how it appeared? Here is a detailed depiction of the Mac Auto Fixer's infection method:

  • During the installing process of malware, a dialogue box appears, giving two manners of installation. The #1 is already picked, and sometimes you can’t mark another one, as it’s hidden. By choosing the suggested method customer accepts to install each harmful piece of software from that bundle, and the "hard" manner allows you decide the needed program and ignore the rest.
  • If you've picked the second option and stopped the installation of virus – you would not be here. On the base of that, we conclude that you didn’t see that window. It means that malicious program got installed and started showing ads to you.


This is how virus infects the workstation. After the last step, Mac Auto Fixer is dangerous and starts to display pop-ups with fake optimization suggestions.

How to protect the system

One thing you should remember about PC’s safety from Mac Auto Fixer and other similar programs – it's a hard job. Without a doubt, the antiviral program will be very useful, yet you also should do, or rather not to do certain things. We’ll catalogue these measures under this paragraph.

  • Don’t click on annoying pop-ups, and do not visit poorly-made webpages. we mean pages that provide cracked tools and media content, adult content, etc.
  • There is no possible reason to deactivate the antivirus. In particular if suspicious software offers you to do it.
  • Update your software when the updates get released, in particular, your OS and your antiviral program. It will lower the chances of infection.
  • You better don't use free tools, but if you want to use it anyway – download it from an official website.

Our advice will assist you to stay away from Mac Auto Fixer and the majority of the other viruses. Still, certain examples of malware might get onto your machine via other methods, and you should get a trusted antiviral tool to eliminate them.

Mac Auto Fixer removal

Step 1.

The first step is to detect and remove malware from your computer. When you go to the "Applications" menu, you will see a complete list of all the programs that are installed on your computer. You should study this list and delete all programs that you do not use, that were installed without your knowledge or who are distrusting you. This way you will get rid of many unwanted programs and viruses.

  • Click Applications in the Finder sidebar
  • Drag unwanted program to the Trash
  • Empty Trash

Step 2.

Next folders can contain malicious items, check they and fix, if it is needed.

  • /Home/Library/Applications Support/
  • /Library/StartupItems/
  • /Home/Library/StartupItems/
  • /Library/LaunchAgents/
  • /Library/LaunchDaemons/
  • /Home/Library/LaunchAgents/

Step 3.

The third step is cleaning the browser. Most users notice that their computer is infected, only because of browser issues. In most cases, applications for the browser are not needed at all, and if you do not use VPN or applications to block ads, then the application list should be empty. If there are applications in the list, and you do not know where they came from, they should be deleted. Browser applications are a usual form of adware and browser hijackers, so clearing the list you’ll make your web surfing more convenient.

  • Start Safari browser
  • Display a menu of General Safari Settings
  • Reset Safari...
  • Press "Reset"

Step 4.

The last step is the most important. Most malware nowadays has protection mechanisms that interfere with the removal, or allow viruses to recover. However, a decent anti-virus program easily bypasses these mechanisms and removes malicious software once and for all. We suggest that you use MAC Booster Lite to clean up your MAC, as it will satisfy all your computer security needs and will easily cope with any infection. You can download MAC Booster or its trial version by clicking the link below.

Special Offer

Antivirus scanner for MAC

Combo Cleaner advantages:

Full Security Protection

Deep System Cleanup

Excellent Performance Boost

It's Combo Cleaner trial version. To delete malware and fix system errors, you will need to purchase the license key for 44.95$. EULA, Privacy Policy and Uninstall steps.

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