How to remove (uninstall) JS/Banload Trojan

This article focuses on a virus called JS/Banload Trojan and ways to remove it. We'll tell you about how JS/Banload Trojan gets into the system, what goals it pursues, and how to prevent infection of such viruses in the future.

The term "virus" includes a plurality of different types and subtypes, which differ significantly from each other in the penetration and action methods, as well as the objectives pursued. Today we talk about the virus-downloader, called JS/Banload Trojan. This virus is particularly secretive, and its task is to fill your computer with malware. By itself JS/Banload Trojan is not dangerous for the system, which means that if in addition to JS/Banload Trojan there is no other malware, you will not notice its presence. However, once the virus starts to work, the system state will deteriorate rapidly, until it will be overwhelmed by viruses and becomes unusable.

JS/Banload Trojan gets into the system using the so-called host program, which can be any malware or adware. The essence of these actions is that the user never seen JS/Banload Trojan name, and had no idea that there is a virus on his computer. To hide the traces of penetration, the virus deletes the host program immediately after installation and becomes virtually invisible to the user. Viruses-downloaders are oriented on those users who prefer not to use an antivirus. They cannot find the virus manually, and it dwells on their computers for months. If you do not want the viruses to appear on your computer "out of nowhere", you should scan it with your antivirus software and remove all detected viruses.

In 95% of cases, the virus can be removed both manually and by using antivirus software. Alas, in case of JS/Banload Trojan, we cannot give you decent instructions for manual removal, because it is extremely difficult to remove the virus manually. JS/Banload Trojan can be installed in different folders, and have different names. During operation, the virus is disguised as one of the system processes, and it can only be detected by carefully reviewing the Process Manager for recurring names. The only reliable fast and efficient way to remove JS/Banload Trojan is to install a decent antivirus. We suggest you use Spyhunter antivirus for this purpose. You can purchase Spyhunter, or use the free scanner to detect problems by clicking this link: download Spyhunter. Alternative antimalware scanners: AdwCleaner and HitmanPro.

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