How to remove (uninstall) uTorrentie.exe

There are many types of computer viral infection, but they all use the similar methods of penetration. These methods are: e-mail spam, bundled installation and distribution through the malicious websites and file-sharing services. But recently we start receiving the reports about the new method of infection, when viral executable files are inside the reputable programs. Hackers already managed to hack the Windows update, and put the virus into it. Now they’ve come to uTorrent. uTorrentie.exe is an unwanted program that installs on user’s PC with the proper uTorrent, and begins to show advertising.


This method is very effective, because uTorrent (and all its clones) don’t have such defense system as Windows. Torrent programs are being distributed through free file-sharing services, so the installation files have not been properly tested before being placed in the public domain. We don’t have any information about the origin of uTorrentie.exe. It might be the result of hacking, or an official program that uTorrent’s developers put into the program folder. Anyway, if you want to uninstall uTorrentie.exe from your PC – we will help you with it.

Method 1

  • Close uTorrent windows
  • Go to the uTorrent folder and find Updates folder. Create text file and name it uTorrentie.exe
  • Right-click on uTorrentie.exe file, select Properties, choose Security tab, allow Read only.
  • Put this file into the folder Torrent/Updates/3.5.1_1234 (you can have other numbers)
  • Launch uTorrent
  • There are no uTorrentie.exe process

Method 2

  • Boot the computer into Safe mode
  • Open uTorrent/Updates/3.5.1_1234
  • Delete uTorrentie.exe file
  • Create new document and rename it to uTorrentie.exe (It must be 0 bytes)
  • Make this file read-only
  • Disable Safe mode

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