The deletion of unwanted software from browsers is almost the easiest thing among all removal processes. To perform it, you should just delete the specified application from the list of applications, clear the registry entries that are responsible for this software, and, in some cases, change the properties of browser shortcuts. In this article you will find the detailed instruction on the removal of unwanted software from Opera.

Today we’ll talk about virus protection and measures that must be performed to ensure it. The virus can sneak onto your computer in different ways, and we will tell you about each of them. There are many types of viruses, each of which prefers its own penetration methods, but these viruses are just automated programs that choose a target and act on the basis of their inherent algorithms. This means that they are the simple programs, freely available, and waiting until unsuspecting users will enable them to seize their computers. We want you to mention that our guide doesn’t contain any advices or measures against aimed hacker attacks. If you will become the target of hackers, who intend to run a virus on your computer, they will do it anyway, and you can prevent it only if you are an experienced hacker, or a specialist in computer security. We won’t talk about the virus species, instead of this, we will tell about the most common methods of infection.

Now we will discuss the issue of concern to the majority of users: what anti-virus should I pick, paid or free? This is a serious question, and we have prepared for you a large-scale study on the topic, which will help you decide. We tested plenty of free anti-virus software, and some of the paid ones, in order to get a complete picture. As far as it is full, and does it reflect the real situation or not – it’s for you to decide.

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