How to restore files after encryption. EaseUS software review

Ransomware is new scourge of our computer society. The whole laboratories try to prevent system infections or to minimize consequences. In some cases, they can do this by analyzing malware code, so they can make decryption keys. Nevertheless, commonly it is impossible and victim has only two variants: to pay the ransom makers or try to restore old version of their files. In this article, we want to speak about second variant - information restoration.

There are no so many programs, that can restore files and the principles of their work are the same. The most famous of them are Recuva, Shadow Explorer and Data Recovery by Pareto and we have the article about them, so you can read it, if you want. A few days ago, our team found out about another suchlike program that name is EaseUS. We tested it and decided to make a short review about this software. Additionally, restoration steps are similar to all other programs, so our guide will be acceptable, if you prefer any other software.

Restoration guide

The first step to make our test completely honest is to infect the virtual machine by strong ransomware virus. One of the significant thing is not to allow computer restart after files encryption. If you have a suggestion to change shadow copies by virus, do not do that, because the old version of files will be deleted. In addition, of course, scan the system by antivirus to delete malware completely.

Then we need to install recovery program. The process is the ordinary.

EasyUS setup

After installation, program launches automatically and suggests choosing disk to scan.

Select disk

I selected disk C and pressed Scan button. Program starts working and firstly find deleted files. On the clean system it takes around two minutes.

Scan for deleted files

After that, it launches deep scan.  

Deep scanning

After 10 minutes, the scan was completed and we can try to restore files from concrete folder. In my case, it's named "Regshot". I choose this folder, because it contains exe and txt files. EaseUS could restore txt file, and I opened it, but exe files were still corrupted.

EaseUS complete the Scan

 Then I choosed Sample Pictures to examine how jpg files could be restored.

Pictures restoration

Program suggests choosing place to restore.

Pictures restoration

However, I could not open any of these files. And I tried to restore any jpg file. Some of them restored normal.

Summarizing. I could restore some information, using EaseUS program, but not all. Interface does not look very simple, but it is usable. Therefore, it is good auxiliary software. If you want to read more about EaseUS, you can do it on official website: Data Recovery Software.

Additional abilities:

  • We also can save the session with current scan status
  • Developers suggest us to restore 2GB for free


Save session


It is better to use different programs to restore lost information. However, the better way is to use backups, because it's really one reliable method to safe important files.


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