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iS3, Inc. STOPzilla AntiVirus and AntiMalware are made in the USA and all technical support personnel are located in sunny Florida.



Antimalware software from STOPzilla is a "Best in Breed" product, receiving multiple awards and rave reviews. Using a thorough database, STOPzilla AntiMalware 6.0 lets users easily remove malware and spyware to keep personal data safe. STOPzilla antimalware software provides extensive protection while using minimal CPU resources — even when running in conjunction with other security software — allowing your computer to stay as fast as possible. In addition, our malware remover is developed and supported entirely within the United States.


Blocks, Detects and Removes Malware

Developed to destroy existing threats, unlike other software that only attempts to prevent new threats

Works Cooperatively With Your Antivirus

Complements antivirus solutions to provide the widest protection possible against the range of computer security threats

Uncomplicated and Easy to Use

An intuitive interface, pre-configured for optimal performance and protection makes this one of the easiest malware remover tools available

Extensive Database of Malware Signatures

One of the largest malware threat databases in the industry, providing the best coverage in the detection and removal of Malware

Will Not Slow Your Computer Down

Antimalware software is designed specifically for maximum performance by reducing the use of system


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