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As the saying goes all is fair in love and war. In the cyber world a war never ends, because your computer is constantly attacked by malwares. In order to defend your device you should call antivirus programs for help. They are ones, which help you to defeat cyber «enemies». But sometimes one antimalware program isn’t enough for keeping your computer clean and safe, you need more than one. A second opinion scanner is to rescue. In this article we’re going tell you about Hitmanpro, which can help you to emerge the victor in the battles against malwares. This soldier has got a lot of medals for its work; let’s learn for what they are given.


Firstly, you may wonder how two antivirus programs can collaborate with each other at the same time and If it can cause any problems with a computer performance. You shouldn’t be afraid of any conflicts between programs. It isn’t going to raise any rebellion aboard; it’s designed to work alongside existing security programs without any conflicts.

Secondly, it performs a revision over your PC very thoroughly. Whatever has got inside your PC must go through scanning made by five antivirus vendors.

Thirdly, it has got its own methods of detecting malwares on your PC. It can easily tell a malware program from a harmless one. It uses its secret weapon, called Scan cloud. When a suspicious program goes through the revision,

Hitmanpro puts it into the cloud, where it’s scanned by five-antivirus vendors. Taking into account all the scanning results it decides whether it should be deleted or left on the device.

Fourthly, another feature is called hitmanpro.kickstar, which gives you an opportunity to run Hitmanpro from a bootable USB drive. It doesn’t need to be installed. It means you can take it with yourself. Wherever you go your device is clean and safe.

All has been said about this scanning program, it’s for you to decide what to do next.







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