MalwareFox Antimalware Review


15-day free trial, premium paid version costs 29.95 usd



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MalwareFox is an antimalware tool, created to eliminate threats, missed by your anti-virus. There are many types of unwanted programs, and viruses are only a part of possible threats. Therefore, anti-viral programs, no matter how good they are, cannot grant you a full protection. On the Internet, you might find thousands of tools that appear to be useful, but actually were designed and tuned to distribute ads and gain profit from online advertising. These programs are called adware and browser hijackers. They can infect the computer even if it has an antiviral program installed. MalwareFox can clean your system from adware, and do many useful things to make your PC safe.

First, MalwareFox operates in automatic mode, and you don’t need to do anything except downloading and installing the tool. It acts independently, downloads the latest updates and performs the daily scanning of system.

Advertising programs are getting smarter day by day. When they get on your PC, they make multiple changes in the settings of your browser, in registry and in other files that are responsible for internet-connection. We talk about Hosts file that can be very helpful for improving the connection to useful websites. If unwanted program will modify this file, your computer will be in the high-risk zone of malware infection. Bot, MalwareFox users don’t need to worry about this, because this tool can scan Hosts file, and recognize the suspicious entries.

One of the most effective methods to distribute ads is the change of browser shortcut properties. Adware changes the properties in special way, and after that. Each time when user launches the browser, he is being redirected to the main page of advertising program. MalwareFox easily copes with this problem, and notifies you when the suspicious shortcut is found. You can repair it in one click.

Many users encountered the problem, when they wanted to scan one single file to make sure that it’s not dangerous, but instead of that, had to scan the whole hard drive, which takes some time. Now you do not need to perform full scanning! Just right-click on the needed file and scan it with MalwareFox.

For those who are already accustomed to using free software, and don’t want to buy anything, MalwareFox has 15-day free trial! You will be able to use all premium features, scan your PC and protect it from all incoming threats.

Most of antimalware tools depend on their signature databases, and cannot cope with the malware that is not yet added to them. MalwareFox uses the behavioral scanning, and it can recognize malware even if its signature has not been added to database. It does not actually know that the file is malicious, but if it acts strangely, you will receive a notice about it, and will be able to quarantine or to remove it. MalwareFox also has real-time protection that scans the file before it gets into the system.






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