Methods to remove ads from browsers

Browser is a program which, statistically, is most often used on any computer. With the browser user is watching movies, talking with people, listening to music, playing games and reading books. In fact, the browser performs an almost complete range of entertainment and cognitive functions, passing to the user all the information from the Internet. However, in recent years, more and more people can’t use this information because of the hype. Advertising is a major and reliable source of profit for any site, and it is clear to everyone.


How does advertising enters into the browser?

No one will mind if next to the video that you want to see is an advertising banner or a link to an online store. But if a banner covers the whole screen, and you can remove it only after switching to the advertised site – it’s quite another deal! Does Mercedes advertise its products in such a way? Does Microsoft prevent Internet users to use websites, placing advertisement of new Windows above all elements of the page? Of course not, because this kind of advertising is the most obvious indicator of the weakness of the company and its product. If, in order to attract the customer's attention to the product, the seller must stick it in the customer’s face, then this product doesn’t worth a dime!  Moreover,  no one will buy the products that advertise in such way, even  after clicking on the link, because no ads can attract a customer to such trash. So why should they spoil the mood of the people, and interfere them to use the Internet? This is done because the hype is aimed not only at increasing product sales, but also on the viral infection of your computer. When you click on a malicious link, you open new browser windows, and there are offers to register somewhere, to download the application, that will be very helpful, to indicate the number of credit card, and immediately buy something very cheap. That is how adware and viruses get into your PC. These schemes are very widely used, and sooner or later, even the experienced user can accidentally download malicious software, which later will bring a lot of problems. To eliminate this risk, you only need to block ads in the browser. The wide-spread adware now are DNS Unlocker and Canopus.

How to block advertisement

Previously, when the problem of hype was not as prevalent, users have to execute complex manipulations with additional settings of browsers, to block the ads. But together with the ads they lose some useful features of visited sites. Now you do not need to configure anything, just download a program that will save you from the hype. Built- in adware blockers are available in many antivirus programs, but specialized programs and browser extensions such as AdBlock and Adblock Plus will solve this problem much better and faster. With these programs, you can limit the amount of advertising that will display your browser, or remove all advertising completely, depending on your preference.

AdBlock and AdBlock Plus have almost the same features, and only one distinction. Both of these programs are absolutely free, and they have an option for user to see the acceptable ads or not. The only difference is that AdBlock collects a little bit more information about the user, than AdBlock Plus.

However, the problem may not be in the browser. It can be much deeper, and then the browser extension will not save you from spam and banners. Among other things, hype is generated by adware installed on your computer. If the case is in the advertising software, you will not get rid of pop-ups and banners, until you clean your PC from adware. A good ant malware that can quickly and efficiently clean your computer from all types of malicious programs. The examples of anti-malware are Spyhunter, Malwarebytes, AdwCleaner. They won’t eliminate the symptoms of the infection, it will remove the very reason for it, and then you will not be disturbed by contaminated sites, or by hype in your browser.

AdwCleaner is a specialized anti-adware program, that detects and removes all kinds of adware and toolbars from your PC fast and effective. This is very useful, because many antivirus just can’t recognize adware, or claim it (potentially harmful).
Malwarebytes AntiMalware is one of the most popular antivirus, and it removes adware and toolbars very well. Malwarebytes AntiMalware has lots of functions, and not all of them are free, but all necessary functions for home PC are available without any purchasing.
Spyhunter is a paid anti-virus program, that performs the functions of adware, malware and spyware cleaner. Real-time protection, along with low CPU usage and highly professional crew of IT-experts make this anti-virus the most likely choice, if you look for effective, fast and not very expensive anti-viral program.

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