Why adware is dangerous?

Adware is considered a conditional dangerous type of programs, whose main objective is to collect information about the user and his preferences. To remove the browser‘s restrictions, program changes browser settings, the home page and default search engine. When data collection is complete, the program starts to be active, and user gets low-quality sites in response to any request.

Also adware's activity makes web-surfing very slow and difficult, because of hype and pop-ups. Adware is considered conditionally dangerous because it does not cause direct damage to files on the computer. But aside from the relationship to the files, the program behaves the same as the most harmful viruses. Adware spreads itself in essential services and components of the system, infects useful programs, in order to prevent its removal. Naturally, such a flagrant interference in the system causes a significant slowdown of its work, the frequent critical errors of various programs, and periodic restarts of the PC. To simplify its work, adware changes the security settings of the browser, and the whole system, thereby breaching in the computer’s anti-viral defense. It becomes much easier to get into a computer for all kinds of malware, and they fill it without resistance. This effect of adware is the most dangerous.


Symptoms of adware infection


As you can see, adware is really dangerous, so if you suddenly notice at least one of these symptoms - scan the system and take care of removing adware.

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