How to choose antivirus program (February 2018 update)

In this article we will discuss the impact of specific programs on improve of you PC’s anti-virus protection. One of FAQs is this one: "I have a good paid antivirus, but my computer was infected by malware, what can I do with it?" The answer to this question is very simple: there are no utilities, that provide 100% protection.

You can use a reliable paid antivirus program by well-known developer, and still suffer from viruses. And if you download free antivirus software, it will remove the virus without any problems. This is explained by the fact that each anti-virus has its own database and different refresh rate. In addition, security is not limited to the destruction of computer viruses that have entered the system. There are programs, which perform a protective function, preventing the user to install malware, but they are not antivirus.

You can use multiple anti-virus programs at the same time, and it will increase the safety features of your computer. Most often, users do so: buy paid antivirus, which performs the basic functions to prevent the contamination and cleaning system. It is necessary that the antivirus software has a daily updated database, available around the clock technical support, and economical use of memory. Among the rest of the program is allocated Spyhunter, which has all the claimed benefits, and also works on technology “Real-time protection”, which does not load the CPU, and allows Spyhunter to work with other antivirus software. After you install a paid antivirus, you need to find a free anti-virus program that will meet your preferences and requirements. To select a free anti-virus, you can use the online community or forum, dedicated to such issues. To simplify your choice, here are the most well-known and high-quality free utilities, that can remove the remnants of malware, not seen by paid antivirus: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Quihoo 360 Total Security and EMSISOFT Emergency Kit. These programs are most popular among users, due to its high performance, frequent updates, and useful functions. You can install any of them, and together with Spyhunter, they will clean your PC from viruses. Remember, that if you have a two or more antivirus on your PC, they will, likely, recognize each other as malware. To avoid problems, you should immediately add them to the white list.

However, you can’t eliminate the threat of contamination in the future, only with the help of anti-virus. Most of the malware enters the system not through artful IT techniques, but by the knowledge of human psychology. When user installs programs and games he wants to quickly install the product and start using it, so he does not read the license agreement, and does not look at the window of installation, thoughtlessly putting all the "OK". Thus the user himself consents to the installation of the virus without knowing it. For those who read the installation conditions, the menu with the agreement to install "additional software" can be hidden, or even inactive. For such cases there is Unchecky. This software will remove all the checkboxes in the installation, regardless of whether they are active or not. Most often, this utility is installed on computers owned by children who still do not realize how many problems can bring a virus infection of computer.

Symptoms, which are most often attributed to viruses may also occur on an uninfected computer. This can be due to overcrowding of the hard drive, multiple errors in the register, or lots of temporary and "garbage" files. To get rid of these problems, there are also many programs and most qualitative of them - CCleaner. You will be surprised when you see how much space is freed on your hard disk, and how much has increased the speed of your PC after you have cleaned it with a CCleaner, or even with the built-in cleaning system of already mentioned earlier Quihoo 360 Total Security. Perform these operations at least once a week, and your PC will run like a swiss watch!

The most important thing in the choosing anti-virus is not to trust one source. Anyone can say that he conducted a research according to which one of the anti-viruses is much better than others. It will be quite difficult to find a truly independent source that does not receive funding from one of the largest developers of anti-virus software. However, despite the huge amount of misinformation, one thing depends only on you: which antivirus you will choose. To facilitate your search process, we have selected several articles on other sites, in which you will find the results of various researches on the part of anti-virus software:

We hope that this article will help you to choose between dozens of anti-viral programs that are present on market, and find the one that will suite all your needs and preferences. If you choose between paid or free antivirus, look on this informative article: Free vs Paid antivirus.


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