In this article we will discuss the impact of specific programs on improve of you PC’s anti-virus protection. One of FAQs is this one: "I have a good paid antivirus, but my computer was infected by malware, what can I do with it?" The answer to this question is very simple: there are no utilities, that provide 100% protection.

This is an article about browsers, their characteristics, pros and cons, and the reasons to use them in different cases. We will tell you the things that you need to know about all reputable browsers, so you can make a choice.

This article focuses on decoding of information encrypted by malicious programs such as "ransomware". Here you will find information on how to decrypt the files, and what to do if the decryption is not possible.

In this article you will find all the necessary information on how to reach the anonymity on the Internet by inexpensive or even free tools and measures. How to get access to the restricted websites? How to protect your privacy on the Internet? How to avoid hype? All these questions well be answered in our article.

Malicious software is the eternal problem of everyone who uses the Internet. The worst affected by the infection are computers used by several people. Due to the different users are likely to have different preferences, different levels of responsibility, and visit different sites - the computer will be quickly clogged with all sorts of adware, viruses, and redirects. The most important thing in this case is to determine that the computer is infected. Infection occurs gradually, and many users simply get used to a slower, periodically turning off the computer, assuming that this is normal. To see whether your computer is infected, it is necessary to analyze the state of PC on several criteria.

Browser is a program which, statistically, is most often used on any computer. With the browser user is watching movies, talking with people, listening to music, playing games and reading books. In fact, the browser performs an almost complete range of entertainment and cognitive functions, passing to the user all the information from the Internet. However, in recent years, more and more people can’t use this information because of the hype. Advertising is a major and reliable source of profit for any site, and it is clear to everyone.

Adware is considered a conditional dangerous type of programs, whose main objective is to collect information about the user and his preferences. To remove the browser‘s restrictions, program changes browser settings, the home page and default search engine. When data collection is complete, the program starts to be active, and user gets low-quality sites in response to any request.

Deleting ads, pop-up and other "pleasures" from adware. Not only annoying, but dangerous!

They infect the computer and work reservedly, slow your system and cause the user's torments. How to get rid of them?

Instead of a favourite homepage the nonsense opens? There is an advertizing and unclear tabs open? Then it is your section, because it is devoted to hijacker!

Unknown toolbar? Remove it completely!

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